Thursday, July 29, 2010

H2H Color Challenge

Well, this weeks H2H challenge was a color challenge and I really wanted to play but wasn't sure if I had all the colors.

So I did some research - thank goodness everything in the catalog is labeled.

Blush - not to be confused with baby pink - is in the Topstitch Level 2 packet and the Daydream Level 2 paper packet - check. Blush cardstock - check. Blush ink - check. Blush embellishment - just purchased on the June Jackpot - check.

Now, Vineyard Berry - card stock? - nope. Ink? - nope. Embellishments? - nope. Oh, wait - according to the catalog Topstitch has Vineyard berry - cool! I've got that. Pull out the Topstitch paper pack, looking, looking, looking . . . . teeny, tiny, microscopic flowers on the striped B&T paper - hummm, we'll see. Oh, and I have the My Stickease and there are round Vineyard Berry stickers - hmmm, we'll see.

Now on to the Creme Brulee . . . looking, looking, looking . . . ok, Daydream has some B&T paper - Creme Brulee background with dots. AND low and behold those Fancy Cuts Die Cuts Botanicals has a whole sheet of Creme Brulee flowers (and Juniper and Sorbet) with a solid Creme Brulee on the back. I KNEW there was a reason I bought those so long ago.

So I pull all these scraps together and they look like . . . . crap - who ever heard of a Creme Brulee colored flower? The whole card is going to pink! Nothing looks right together! Who picked these colors anyhoo! (I hope I wasn't the only one whining about the challenge.)

I decided to do a 3 x 3 card since I wasn't sure about anything. I even used repositional adhesive because I wasn't sure if the card would turn out. But this is what I came up with:

Whew! That was hard but I enjoyed the challenge. And it actually turned out nice. I used the "Hey There Cupcake" stamp and masked the "Cupcake" part. Sorry, I whined. All products are CTMH except for the brown ink. Thanks for looking!


  1. A very cute card - and great working with limited supplies! Thanks for playing along with H2H!