Friday, April 17, 2015

Artfully Sent Happy Birthday Card

Here is an easy peasy birthday card I made for my nephew.  I thought it turned out pretty neat.  
Here's what I did:

Cut card from Daisy White cardstock. Artfully Sent Cartridge, 7", Sentiment (page 27)
Cut the inside sentiment - keep your dial at 7", Icon , (page 27)

Open the card and use your scraps to line the area behind the cut outs.  This is when your Bonding Memories Glue Pen comes in handy.

This is what it looks like after all the words are covered up.

Now to cover up that mess.  Cut a piece of cardstock 4 3/4 x 6 3/4 and adhere securely over the mess.

I used the frame left over from Happy Birthday sentiment to trace on the blue cardstock the liner for the sentiment. See those 2 white squares - they are little tiny pieces of glitter cardstock - don't want to waste those - they make perfect stars. 

And here is what the sentiment looks like on the inside.  I used some foam tape to pop it up.  

Like I said - easy peasy and perfect for a boy.

You can get your own Artfully Sent Cartridge HERE.

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