Thursday, January 20, 2011

H2H Challenge - From Your Heart to Ours

We were asked to share our creative space this week and to show any organizational tips we have. Well, my creative space is my dining room. I have a combination dining room/living room off of the kitchen. We really don't use either room for what it was intended. I have my living room pretty much set up as an office with my desk, my computer and book shelf with printer. Now, I do use my dining room from time to time - for special occasions or when I have people over for dinner - which is seldom.

So here is what my dining room table looks like most of the time.
I use a lot of Longaberger baskets for organization. I have all my Cuttle Bug embossing folders and Nesties stored upright in a basket. Notice the 2 labels on my CB? I never can remember which plate goes where so I labeled a cheat sheet right on the top - one for embossing, one for cutting.

This is where most of my stuff is stored. I have Cropper Hoppers for my paper storage. Another basket for my stamp storage and I found a $1 storage bin at Target (in the floor) to store more stamps in - I moved all my holiday stamps there - Christmas, Easter, Halloween.

A close up of my stamp storage basket.

My secret place for storing items is on the chairs. I pile them full of stuff and slide them up under the dining room table, clean off the top of the table, sometimes throw on a table cloth and the dining room looks almost normal =) Unless someone wants to actually SIT at the table!

Thanks for looking!


  1. I love that you showed how your craft table usually looks! We can all relate. I think labelling your cuttlebug is a great idea (I did that too! We must have the same memory issues! :)
    Thanks for sharing your crafty space with us at H2H!

  2. Looking at your pictures i can't help notice that card with the 30.... looks great

  3. Thanks for sharing your space with us at H2H this week, Jeanie! I need to use your label idea on my own Cuttlebug - great idea :o)

  4. what great ideas to use the baskets! Thank you for letting us peek in your craft room! :)

  5. Great tips! Thanks for sharing them with us. I had to laugh at the first picture of your table, because that's what my dining room table looks like a majority of the time. LOL! Thanks again for sharing with us at H2H this week! *Ü*

  6. Hi Jeanie,
    Thanks for sharing with us at H2H!!! I think is hilarious about people not being able to sit on the chairs because of your stash on them.

  7. Too funny about your chairs! I do the same thing. I love that you label the Cuttlebug. I have such a hard time remembering.